Friday, July 6, 2012

Medical Coding and Billing Jobs

Finding Medical Coding and Billing Jobs

A good place to start is the local classified listings - online classified is probably the easiest. Although local newspapers aren't the only source in searching for medical billing and coding jobs like there used to be, they are a good starting point when looking locally. Don't forget CraigsList - many employers are discovering this is a great way to advertise medical coding and billing jobs because it's free, quick, and easy.

According to a recent CNNMoney article, most people looking for a job look in a variety of different sites. The average web sites used in most job searches is 5. For larger employers such as hospitals, large practices, and medical research facilities, you'll do better going directly to the web site for job listings. But it really helps to have someone you know on the inside pulling for you (and looking out for your resume) at these larger employers.

Most Popular Web Sites

There's two types of online job sites - general purpose job boards catering to a wide variety of professions, industries and locations. General purpose sites are CareerBuilder, Monster, or Yahoo! HotJobs. In the latest survey by Weddle's which prints a guide to internet job hunting, the most popular job sites are:

  • CareerBuilder
  • CareerJournal
  • Monster
  • SimplyHired
  • HotJobs (Yahoo!)
  • SnagAJob
After trying several of these sites to search for a medical billing and coding job, I really liked the Indeed Jobs site the best. It's one of the best sites to search for online medical billing jobs. Indeed compiles job listings from thousands of different job website sources from large and small local companies. The job results are relevant, unlike other job sites who send you jobs in a completely different field when you sign up for email alerts. Indeed allows you to save your searches and sign up for email alerts.

Online sites also have a lot of tools to help in the job search like advice, example resume's, and preparing for the interview. They allow you to set up a profile and receive email notification when there's there's an opening that matches your criteria. Monster even offers resume writing and interview coaching services for a fee.

I notice there's a lot of jobs listed in both the local and online boards for temp and hiring agencies. What an employer will do sometimes is have the employment agency screen potential applicants and present the most qualified candidates as they don’t want to dedicate the time for this.

A lot of job openings don't even get posted online. That's why its so important to network and speak with as many people as possible. Every year, a number of job openings are filled even before they can be advertised. Your friends, relatives, ex-coworkers, and neighbors may have inside information about a vacancy for the right job. If there is a certain hospital or physicians office you want to work for, try to get to know someone who works there.

Most of the people that I have hired for my Medical Billing business have not been through ads or postings, but from friends and referrals. Knowing that an employee is trustworthy counts for a lot even if they don’t have a lot of experience.

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