Friday, June 1, 2012

Medical Billing and Coding Career

Medical Billing and Coding Career Reference Guide

Considering a medical billing and coding job?

A career in medical billing or coding offers an opportunity in a field that will always need employees. ContexoMedia will provide you with a brief introductory guide to what a medical billing specialist and medical coder does, what kind of training is needed, expected salary range, and what the career options are.

You've probably have seen the ads promising at home medical billing and coding jobs. I’ll discuss the reality of medical billing and coding jobs from home based on my experiences.

Career Options
Not only is there a need for medical billing and coding specialists for doctors and hospitals, there's also opportunities for medical billing and coding careers as:
  • Consultants for practices advising on billing and coding practices and compliance issues.
  • Specialists who work for medical billing and coding services and serve multiple practices and specialties.
  • Insurance and coding specialists for commercial and private insurance and local, state, and federal government agencies.
  • Advisers for liability and malpractice.
  • Consumer billing advocates.

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